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but taemin we want to hear more —

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You know„ your questions are pretty good. I’ll try okay~ =)

1.  What are you wearing now ?

Ermmm.. night gown? Hahahha / let your imagination runs wild/

2.  What was the last TV program you watched ?

Il pai, Eeeeeeeee~ (2 days One night) Fav show since season 1.

3.  Tell me about your dream birthday ( how would you like to spend ?)

Hak! With Minho wrapped with ribbons as gift. XD

4.  Who is your role model ?

It would be a cliche answer, but my role model is my Umma~ Ngeee~ =)

5.  Wha’s your favorite body part of your bias ?

His double adam’s apple

I just want to….

Ouhhhhh /wipe sweats/

6.  Where would you recommend me to visit in your country ?

Ah otttokhe, I dun really know good places to visit. but, here, the KLCC, is one of my fav spot to hang out when I was studying in the big city. You have to be there at the night, and watch the musical fountain, and the  view is spectacular! Hahahha call me if you are here =)

7.  If you could go to Karaoke with your bias, what song would you ask him/her to sing ?

I bet Minho will sing some Usher or Chris Brown songs…. -,-
But, I dun mind, even he goes Oh My Gosh and hipthrust right in front of my eyes, it would be my pleasure. Hahaha, any songs, I would like to hear him singing? hehehehe.. A trot song. Lalalal~

8.  Who was your previous bias ?

Maybe him. 

9.  Do you cook ? if yes, what’s your specialty ?

I dun really cook. but I baked, very well too. Haha! My specialty, is what we Malaysian called as Kek Batik, one kind of chocolate cake! Nyum nyum. 

10.  Top 3 bias list

Let’s do female version.

Hyunseung (Secret), Hyorin (Sistar), Minah (Girls Day)

Maybe… Hahahah

11.  When is your favorite era of your bias ?



As glorious as Minho’s long hair in Ring Ding Dong era, as pure as Minho’s innocent rap in Replay era, as hot as Minho;s flaming chraisma in Lucifer, it can’t beat smiling Minho in Why So Serious era.

This era was so underrated becoz of the fun song but stupid lyrics (dahell about zombie and shits) and the absence of jonghyun. But where else you can see Minho and SHINee are so happy in an MV?

But then, came Everybody where SHINee looking so great in uniforms, u have no idea how much they drives me crazy. Fuck my fetish for uniforms, I dunno anymore…. 

Thank you, for asking! Woohoo!

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Key, your face, please. 

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Why do you love SHINee so much?


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Everytime Onew tweets…

Me: God, he remembers his twitter password!

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Dumb SHINee or Sexy SHINee

(Dumb SHINee is sexy SHINee.)
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"Hey, happy birthday, annyeong!" - Key

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Look at the water dripping off him…. hurmmmm….

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Make me chooseamazingloveforshinee asked: Sherlock or Everybody era

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