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Everytime Onew tweets…

Me: God, he remembers his twitter password!

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Dumb SHINee or Sexy SHINee

(Dumb SHINee is sexy SHINee.)
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"Hey, happy birthday, annyeong!" - Key

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Look at the water dripping off him…. hurmmmm….

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Make me chooseamazingloveforshinee asked: Sherlock or Everybody era

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Key the self eye flicker.

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TAEMIN : M is for Mischievous →  being naughtily or annoyingly playful a.k.a. little shit~

#Happy Taemin Day
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So apparently, onew is the only one who people don’t think is gay…

Well duh.

seriously. he got all four of them rallied up begging for his attention. 

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SHINee’s best performances through the years; second part

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