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Perfect hairflip, Minho aahhh…. what shampoo u used? ©

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Fierce Minhoooooooooooot~ ©

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Taemin, u lil shit! /screams/ ©

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Law of The Onew… wait I mean, Onew in Law of the Jungle…. Wow… so namja~ 

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How can he be so beautiful, then a blink later, he bit his lips so sexily. ©

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Cute! ^^ ©

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I saw that. No matter how fast the video goes, I STILL NOTICED THAT! ©

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That was one majestic, shining hairflip from Jonghyun… Wow. ©

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I don’t think Onew did it right back there… But hey, let’s focus on Taemin… Wowww Taemin… Wow..©

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Lee Jinki aka Oneyonce. cr daisychoi fancam

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Seeing him doing that right in front of your face…. Now, what a lucky fangirl she was. cr daisychoi fancam

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this makes me so ridiculously happy i’ve just played it 6 times in a row and i’m crying tears of joy. 

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Not sure to be amused or confused by Jinki…. - cr daisychoi fancam

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