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I was so mesmerized by the GIFs of Taemin singing “Replay” that I felt an intense need to draw him. However, I felt drawing him at rest would do his beauty absolutely no justice, so I decided to try my hand at rotoscoping (animation that is traced from live action). I really enjoy the wavering edges and the imperfection of it… I think it looks pretty rad.

Original GIF by shawollet

Please Do Not Reupload! 

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when you don’t do your homework and then your teacher says that she won’t be collecting it


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Minho calling him Taeminnie when announcing him as winner….



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I wonder what happened xD

[140830 We Love Gangwon Kpop Concert]

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Just got home from 3 days 2 night holiday in Perhentian Island, Malaysia.
Green emerald clean sea, beautiful corals and fishes, and the views.. WOW! MAGNIFICENT! COME VISIT MALAYSIA.

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Key talking about Seohyun

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He smiling as he stares at the older man like
Choi Minho does not discriminate.

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I find it funny how Yongguk is all about peace and love yet in mvs he’s been a stalker, a delinquent, a gang member, a rioter, and a thief.

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When Onew cant handle his own perfection reflecting back at him….

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