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suddenly a wild, semi-naked jjong appears…

#I love that the two following him like ‘jonghyun plz put on clothes.’ #and he keeps walking like ‘NYO.’

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they are supposed to be 30-almost 30

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he couldn't hold his smile
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On receiving the 2008 Mnet 20's Choice Award - Hot New Star
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Jinki text posts

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cutie taem wearing various kind of head accessories ;w;
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I love how Sungmin can just massage Onew’s butt without it being weird/awkward to anyone else






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1. What’s your name ?  Sakura maybe. hehehehe

2. When is your birthday ?  A day after valentines. 

3. Where are you from ?  Malaysia

4. Have a crush ? Real human around me? Umm no. Hahaha

5. What’s your favorite color ?  Silver, grey

6. Write something in caps : FUCK! (ops)

7. Got a favourite band/artist ?  SHINeeeeeee /throw glitters/

8. Favourite number ?  9 ? it could be 21 too. 

9. Favourite drink ? Chocolate Ice Blended. 

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I was so mesmerized by the GIFs of Taemin singing “Replay” that I felt an intense need to draw him. However, I felt drawing him at rest would do his beauty absolutely no justice, so I decided to try my hand at rotoscoping (animation that is traced from live action). I really enjoy the wavering edges and the imperfection of it… I think it looks pretty rad.

Original GIF by shawollet

Please Do Not Reupload! 

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